निशा एफआईएस

Nissha has integrated its standards of thought, rules of conduct, and Mission—ideals held in high regard — into Nissha Philosophy that is greatly valued. Nissha FIS is commited to develop highly reliable OEM semiconductor gas sensors for a wide range of applications and with specific dedication to Hydrogen sensors for the upgrowing green hydrogen market.
Nissha portfolio includes high precision devices for Gas Chromatography and Halitosis Measuring.

मैजेंटा के माध्यम से, 77/16A
20017 रो (एमआई) - इटली
फ़ोन +39 02 3340 0846
वैट: IT04126380155

मैजेंटा के माध्यम से, 77/16A
रो 20017, इटली

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+39 02 3340 0846

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